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    All photos © Gordie.Smith , unless otherwise stated

    Avalanche 101 Online - Avalanche New Zealand's free Online Theory Course!

    NZ avalanche specialist and educator Gordie Smith put this great course together.  It brings together many of his photos, online videos, and text that walks you through the basics of traveling in avalanche terrain, covering (quickly) all the topics that you'd encounter in a fundamental avalanche class.  It also includes an interactive exercise (Flash req'd) where you can try and find your way safely through avalanche terrain, avoiding the hotpsots where avalanches might be lurking. This resource gives students the chance to prepare, giving them a framework of theory to hang the field skills they will practice during any snow based course.

    These core skills are the same for those who ski, snowboard, climb, snowmobile, hike and hunt.

    Once you have these basics under your belt, enroll on one of the many Avalanche Courses offered around the country. Avalanche safety is a practical skill that cannot be learnt by just reading a book, or completing this online course. Learn with expert guidance out in the field.

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    If you would like to try the quiz to see how much you might already know, then CLICK HERE