• Rescue

    If you are caught and buried in an avalanche you may only have minutes to live. If you are wearing a Transceiver you have a much better chance of being found quickly, but only if your buddies have the right gear and know what to do.

    Time is critical when someone gets trapped by an avalanche. The following tips will help make the rescue more efficient.

    If it is you that gets caught:
    • Make noise, yell and wave at the rest of your buddies - make sure they have their eyes on you.
    • Attempt to get out of the flow by angling towards the edge of the slide.
    • Roll onto your back with feet downhill, swim/fight to remain on the surface
    • Insert avalung and/or deploy airbag
    • Discard equipment like skis, poles - they will act like anchors pulling you down.
    • If under the snow, as the debris slows down, attempt to create an air pocket in front of your face - bring arm across so mouth and nose are tucked into your elbow
    • Remain calm and try to breath evenly

    If someone in your group gets caught:

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